Every woman can be an empress if she so decides, as long as she accepts all the consequences of her decision and is prepared to take control of her own life. At the moment of her birth, every woman is unique and complete. Everything she needs lies within her, as in the seed of a plant. If she succeeds in developing her hidden potential and living it out, she will become empress in her own empire, no matter how large or small that empire may be. Once she has freed herself from conventional views of how a woman should be, then pleasure and power, beauty and wisdom lie in her hands alone. It is up to each individual woman to choose the imperial path for herself.
But beware: the life of an empress isn’t easy.

An empress is independent and free. An empress is shameless.

There are no conventions and well-worn paths for her to cling to. Each stage of her life presents problems and questions to which she must find her own solutions and answers. She follows her own visions, instincts and dreams, and thus realises her inner goals. She must roll out the red carpet for herself.

Being an empress isn’t easy- but it’s enormously exiting!

Are you an empress?