the path of the empressA book on transformation


I live in Jakarta and I have read your books “Der Weg der Kaiserin” and “Die Geheimnisse der Kaiserin”, both books are truly life changing, some of the best books I have read!”

Gillian Sch., Jakarta, January 2014


It was in the year 2000, the year of the dragon, when the Empress first appeared in German bookstores and made its way to the top of the list. Since then countless women all over Europe have read the story of the Empress, laughed and cried, learned their lesson and passed it on to their daughters, their mothers, and friends.

The Empress is a book that changes lives.

A call to feminity and inner strength. A permission to live wild and free.

“Being an Empress is not easy, but it is enormously exiting.”

Many a woman never feels complete in herself and due to age-old social conditioning goes out looking for a male counterpart to complete her. But completion does not come from the outside. Soon she finds him missing in something. Just like herself. This is flirting with disaster.

Two deficient parts, put together, will never result in completion. Hence all the dating drama and disappointment in marriage.

The encounter of female and male can ignite many sparks and fill our lives with joy and inspiration.

The union of Yin and Yang- Sex- is the great creator of everything and a source of endless joy. But to accomplish this we will first have complete ourselves and only then will we attract the right companion.

A call to completion


For many centuries woman have felt incomplete.

We have been made to think, we had to choose between two sides.

Tender or effective. Pretty or smart. A homemaker or a business lady. Sexy or strong. Being the wild one who created beautiful works of art or the boring one who had to pay all the bills in the end.

We split ourselves up and shattered the pieces. We looked down on any other women who dared to hold onto something we had discarded.

This is the time to put ourselves together again. We call this “being an empress”.

The “path of the empress” will lead you through the process. It is a magical book because while it tells you lots of things about lovers and love, men and women and the wisdom of your body- all you really have to do is immerse yourself and trust the process.
Being an empress is in you. But are you ready for it?

Are you an empress?