These days you cannot invite a bunch of friends over for dinner without taking all kinds of precautions. A couple of years ago serving some vegetarian dishes was all you needed. Now there are people who do not eat grains, some do not eat cooked food, others do not eat cold food and there are others who do not eat soy or nuts or…you get me.

Yesterday had me thinking whether there remains one food item that has not been vilified by one or the other food fadist group.

For a moment “carrots!” (organic!) crossed my mind. Carrots are innocent and orange and do not harm to anybody. Carrots make us think about little white bunnies. Everybody likes carrots.
But then I remembered the guy who told me, that carrots were like “small ginseng” and had to be strictly avoided because they made people aggressive. And, of course, even if you “do carrots” without getting  aggressive, the question remains: must they be raw or will cold food kill your stomach fire, do you need to serve them with oil or must vegetables and oily stuff never, ever touch each other.

Then I thought “water!”. There can not possible be anything wrong with water. But alas, water is a huge problem. Some want it filtered or treated with osmosis others need their minerals and not just any minerals. And again, some like it hot- others not so much. And if you like it hot- do you just heat it up or do you boil it for several hours (in an earthen pot and on a wooden stove) to break down molecular clumps or will this kill the energy.
Then you can magnetize it or put all kinds of crystals or Russian shungit in it or only drink water imported from New Zealand.

Food restrictions reloaded


Food restrictions used to be part of many organized religions. Eating the same things brought people closer together and helped them distinguish themselves from “the others” who were considered “impure”.
Today in a multicultural society we are bombarded with restrictions about food. Not to appease a distant god but rather to appease our not so beloved body.
After  religiously following a couple of diets we awaken to the fact, that our bodies do not answer all that well.

There are three ways to deal with this:

  • blame ourselves for having got it wrong (these chocolate chips cookies of last night may not have been macrobiotic in the more restrictive sense of the word?)
  • Ignore everything, forget about diet and just stuff everything into your mouth (if diets do not make me happy maybe some mac and cheese will)
  • Try to find an even more restrictive food prohibition that will finally cause your body to get rid of bloating, stomach problems, allergies, obesity, bad skin, pains and rheumatism, head aches, depressions and, well, really everything (by combining a strictly vegan and raw food approach with a paleolithic approach, leaving out carrots, sweet potatoes, oranges and everything orange for good measure)

Food connection and transformation

The original religions (shamanism) have a different approach. For them every living being is part of an endless circle. A web. Life is passed along that web. Whether a bunny eats a carrot or a fox eats the bunny or you make a casserole including the bunny and the carrot: It is life being taken and transformed into more life.

The process is reciprocal because eventually our bodies will be transformed again.
The is the law of Earth. Earth is the mother of abundance. Of harmony. Of beauty.
For those who do not believe this: take a walk outside!

In our bodies Earth is represented by our digestive system. In Chinese medicine it is called Center. Center has its soul: Yi- Intention. Intention operates through words and thoughts.
Sometimes Yi is confused and lost in never endings thought circles. This comes naturally enough because circles are the way of Earth- but the thought circles that keep us awake at night are wrought of thoughts that resist our connection. They do not want to eventually give up the body and merge with everything. They think there should be a special place for immortal ME.
When we lose connection to the web we lose the grace of Earth. Thus many remain fruitless. Powerless. Without creation.

If Yi- our earth soul realizes its connection to the web it can play with it instead of trying to resist it and instead of trying to be “master of EVERYTHING”.
Playfully, gently, our earth soul can be part of the endless circle of creation and destruction.
This is how abundance, harmony and beauty are created.  This is the way of  Earth. Joyful.


We can also do a very simple routine- a routine that will rebuild connection and free us from all sorts of diets and food restrictions.

The simple routine to leave dieting and food restrictions behind forever

In the Earthly transformations life is taken, transformed and given reciprocally and gracefully.
Traditional people would ask consent before they took a life and they would be thankful and maybe offer a part of themselves- a prayer, a kind thought, a song, tobacco.
They would not waste any of the things they took
and they would share everything with their people in a joyful way because they knew life had to be celebrated. In great festivals as well as in everyday matters. As in sharing a bowl of soup.

For us, who probably do not live that kind of life any more, who probably cannot grow our own vegetables, who maybe are even forbidden to choose our own food- like those of us who are prisoners or patients a hospital and many of those who are in any other institution, be it school or workplace- this looks like a tricky proposition.

In this situation, we can use our Yi-our Earth soul to put out our intention to be part of the web, to be graceful and thankful and joyful, just like our ancestors did. The people who knew the way.

Eating gracefully

The routine to leave behind dieting and food restriction and to reconnect to Earth to create beauty and abundance is simple:
In order to get our grace back- we say it.
Next time before we eat we say Grace.
We use our own words- and we can speak them internally and without making a big deal out of it like some religious fanatic at the family table would.This is not about being pompous and self-righteous and SPIRITUAL.
This is private. Gentle. Humble. We can do it everywhere without anybody noticing.
But we do it with every single bite we take- a latte at a corner store? A bag of chips? A chewing gum?
Say grace!

To sum it up: Saying grace does not need to be pompous and wordy. Let it be sweet and simple and private. But say grace. Always.

The 3 things we do when we say grace

When Earth transforms there are three aspects: Life is taken. It is transformed. Something new is born.

  1. We honour the gift of life
    We honour the life that has been given for us- and in the case of some genetically manipulated being that had to live a tortured life before it passed it on to us this is the least we can do. We do not pretend that nothing happened because a burger does not have eyes. It does. Probably the eyes of many.

    We feel compassion. After all, in our own way we probably know what being unfree and manipulated feels like. We are part of this. (In a sneaky way this will help you to eat more carrots and less little bunnies.)
    But neither do we put a guilt trip on yourselves. We will not dwell on the misery. Because dwelling on it will magnify it.
    We just say: I honour your existence. Thank you for passing Life on to me.
  2. We put out our intention
    We initiate transformation by putting out our intention.
    We state what we want.
    This food will help me… get a boost of energy, get fresh thoughts, healthy body, beautiful skin, eyes like an eagle, a happy loving heart.
    Feel it. State it. Be clear about it.
    And then let it go.
  3. We feel the love fire will start the creation
    We eat joyfully. We look at the food and not at our iphone.
    We enjoy our meal! Where ever and what ever it is.
    And whenever we can- we share it.