Have you ever wondered what feminine power was about? Feminine power lies in the body.
But do we love that body?
Most of the time we hate it, we hide it, we fight it, we treat it badly, we poison it,we chop off parts of it or try to starve them away.
Women have done this for ages.
If ever there was a deeply and utterly dysfunctional relationship- it would probably be the one we have with our own bodies.


being our body

being our body

Our body is not our enemy.

Our body changes with the moon, with the seasons and with every new challenge in life. Our body carries us through menstruation and pregnancy and menopause and the age of wisdom.
Our body transforms in never ending circles.

And most of the time we have no idea what is happening. It gets fatter or thinner. It cramps and sweats. It hurts and grows things. It looses hair and breaks out into hot flushes. It produces all kinds of secretions.
And it does not look at all like we feel it should.
It is like living in a tiny room with a perfect stranger. A slightly deranged one.

Scary and not very empowering.

Our body is our pathway to transformation and magic.

Thousand years ago a Chinese country girl learned about these secrets from the “god” of Chinese medicine, the famous shaman doctor Sun Simiao. She learned to stand strong through life’s changes.

She learned to create and recreate herself. Eventually she became empress of China. China’s first and only empress.

Empress Wu had children. Two husbands. Countless lovers. And a huge country to rule. Through all that she remained healthy and beautiful into very old age.
For over thousand years her secrets have not been revealed again.
Now these secrets are explained in everyday language for women all over the world. But to be honest, there is nothing very outlandish about these secrets. Nothing strange. Nothing exotic.

Every woman will understand them right away because the source of our power lies in each one of us.
In our body. That body we do not trust so much.
This book brings women closer to their body. It may even help them start a love affair with it.

But right now it is mostly fear that connects us to our source of power. That unknown and unpredictable space that is our body.
Fear of disease. Fear of death.

Our fears are all deeply connected to our bodies.

Many people feel that fear is the feeling with the lowest vibration. Fear brings us into contact with death.

But there is something even deeper and darker than fear. It is the feeling, that we should not even be alive. We call it shame.

For thousands of years, women have been shamed about their body. This shame has been passed on from mother to daughter. Mothers tell their daughters to become thinner. Mothers initiate all kinds of genital mutilations. Mothers have broken and bound their baby girls’ feet. Mothers give their daughters silicon implants as a birthday present.
Shame runs deep in our female lineage.

Our shame touches the very core of our being. Consciously feeling that we should not be here at all is too hard to bear. Instead we blame our bodies. We tell ourselves, that is is our body that is not welcome here. We tell ourselves, that it is the body that is essentially wrong.

We do this, because deep inside we know that we are good. We also know that from the day we were born most of us have not been treated that way. We learn that we are not welcome. It must be because of the body.
The body that people see and interact with. That body that does not represent our beautiful soul as we wish it would. We are not pretty. We are clumsy. We have a funny nose and a squieky voice. We smell bad. We are of the wrong size. We are a medical problem.
It must be the body. We are unloved because of the body. So we fight and mistrust and hate our bodies most of the time.

We all know the saying: “Inside every fat woman is a thin woman trying to get out.”
There is no better way to put that hate we feel for our body into words.
But it is a  lie- born of the illusion, that there is a divide between matter and spirit.
There is not!
Our bodies will not go away and we can only chop off so much of it or poison so much of it, before we destroy ourselves completely.

We are not some poor souls who have somehow been tracked in the wrong “meat suit”.
Matter is not impure or unholy.
We are “the word become flesh”. We are incarnated as this body. We are that body.

But how to live with it?

Can we really love it, pardon, ourselves, when it is so wrong?
For most of us, it will not be love at first sight.
It is a process.
But there is no other way.
At the end of the day we only have ourselves. There is no one else to love us quite as much as we will- if we will.
Now is the time to love our bodies.
Now is the time to create and recreate ourselves.
Now is the time to occupy that space which is our body fully and completely and to really embrace what we are.
Which is beautiful.

Because this is what we are:

We are a body that is a holographic replica of the universe: a feeling space- a limitless, ever changing, embodyment of the unique essence that is our soul

Space is female. We are that space. We can feel it and form it through our feelings and thereby expand ourselves in every direction. We call this dancing. Through dancing and any other act we might choose to do with our bodies we realize the essence of our souls. We can even reproduce ourselves into other beings that are space too. The body is our path to mastery.

The ancient Chinese people have taught is all the time. This is what Sun simiao knew and what he taught the Empress. In slightly different words. We call it “the path of the Empress”.
The path of the Empress is a personal path. A path not always easy to walk.
A path that may lead you deep down into your body and into your deepest fears.
A path that will eventually teach you who you are.

And it will not be anything new: You are that body.
Calling this restrictive or materialistic is three dimensional thinking.

Are you ready to fill that space?
Are you ready to be wild and free again?
Are you ready to let go of shame and start to expand and embody that beautiful soul that you are?

Are you ready to be an Empress?

If so- this is your book.

path of the empress rockpool edition

The path is yours to walk alone. But we feel this book will help you.
It has been given to us and we love to pass it on.
It offers ancient Chinese wisdom and practical advice on being a woman. It keeps your spirit up, when everything else seems to be putting you down. It will nourish you as it has nourished us and countless readers before you.
It will help you to fall in love with yourself.