What you may want to know about “the path of the empress” before you invite the Empress into your own life.

Sacred cycles.

The life of a woman evolves in sacred cycles.
The number ten is the number of completion.
Completion brings us full circle- back to the beginning.

So you will see that in the book “the path of the empress” there are ten chapters that reflect ten important stages of development in a woman’s life.
Each of the ten magical chapters of “the path of the empress” offers specific exercises and magical herbal elixirs to help you through each of the stages.

The inner workings of change

Change is circular. It has no beginning. Likewise the book “the path of the empress” begins to take effect long before you do anything specific. It does its work while, or even before, it is being read, without the reader having to do very much about it. Just like the magic books of old “the path of the empress” has a mind of its own.
When Ulja and I were conceiving “the path of the empress” both of us where “in a rough patch”: confused, diseased, in constant pain and  crisis.
We may have been smart women, ready and able to help everybody around us…
but like most smart women we had a hard time helping ourselves.

It was then, that large portions of the book took shape with almost no help from us. The book came to us. The Chinese call this Wu Wei, when the Unknown moves of its own accord.


This is how the path of the empress came about.
This is how the wisdom of the empress came to us and this is how it is passed on.


This is how it has worked for countless women before you. This is how they passed it on. And this is how it will work for you and why you, too, will pass it on to your beloved ones.


Trust me on that ;-)

The ten magical chapters


Each of the ten magical chapters starts with an anecdote of Empress Wu- a historical figure of ancient China- the country girl Wu Zhao who was the first to walk “the path of the empress”. As Empress Wu she has been vilified for centuries, starting with the scholars of her own time who claimed it was an abomination that China should be ruled by a woman. A buddhist. A woman who freely hung out with physicians and sorcerers. A woman who wrote poetry and changed laws. A lover of horses and a vegetarian who tried to put an end to the killing of animals. A fierce mother of girls who changed the laws  to give recognition to her own gender.
And, what’s worse: a woman so shameless she had sex until old age and she loved to changed her (younger) partners.
(something very natural for an emperor back then…but for a woman!)

After centuries of systematical badmouthing by virtually every scholar of China most of the historical facts on Empress Wu have been lost in the dark.
But through this darkness there shines the light of a strongwilled woman. A woman who lived from the heart and who would not back down. Fearless and, more importantly: Shameless.

Our account of the Empress’s life is not meant to be historical. It is deeply personal.
When you write down things you receive, you can only do it from your own heart. It cannot be anything but personal.
So we added our own flavour. Our own truth. The process made us happy. What more can you ask for when you write a book?

In the book “the path of the empress” you will find ancient lore, Chinese medicine and strategic action intertwined with sexy anecdotes and sprinkles of Christine’s darkish humor. It is a juicy book. Some might even call it crass.

The book “the path of the empress” is as much about hurt and pain as it is about joy and laughter.

Why not laugh and cry our way into power and healing?

The book is about the empress inside every woman. It is about you and me.
We feel this is what Empress Wu would have liked.

The path to power is the woman’s body

Being an Empress is not a matter of ruling China.
Every woman can be an Empress in her own life and by that pass on the light.
It is a personal decision to walk that path of empowerment and realization.

The path is the woman’s body.

So in each chapter, after honouring empress Wu by telling something about her life, we apply the issue in question to the life situation of a modern woman.

Regardless of what stage of life she has reached and what problem she faces, she will always do this on her own terms and through her own innate wisdom.

You, too, are an Empress. Your body is your book of wisdom. The “path of the empress” will tell you how to read it.


The ten magical chapters that will guide you through your life as an Empress

1. The Prophecy

how daughters, the little empresses, stay wild, strong, and beautiful. A chapter about the essence of what we are and how to preserve it.

2. Blinded by Love

No matter whether you are a timid teenager or the CEO of whatever.  In matters of romantic love self-worth and self-love tend to crumble like a cookie.
Love hurts. Or rather- the thing which has come to be called love in our society.
Do not call it love.
Do not blame and shame yourself.
Do not even try to talk yourself out of your pain.This is what really happens in all the abandonment, betrayal and drama: We are all wounded somehow and this is where the sharks come in to feed right off our deepest pain. You may feel that some aggressive scavenger energy has invaded your system at its weekest spot and it makes sense to visualize it that way.
The Chinese used to call it the wandering Hun soul.But remember:
There is no need to be afraid- what, from a 3 dimensional point of view, might appear like some foreign invasion- is really only you. Your own deep longing. Your passion and your pain. The part of you looking for fullfillment outside itself.  The part that needs to be healed.

These are the three steps you can do to heal your wounded heart and get stronger than ever before:

  1. Stop calling it love when someone hurts you. Never again.
    If you can- go “cold turkey”.
    If you cannot and keep obsessing about that person: Do not shame yourself! Never again! Your time will come.
  2. Embrace your weakness tenderly. Be sweet. Be gentle. Be nourishing. It is your most precious part. Take all the time you need.
    Do not let anybody tell you what is long enough. No more shaming and blaming.
  3. Once you get stronger your self worth will inevitably grow. This is when you start to visualize (in 3 D) the scavenger energy being pushed out of your system and fading away. This is yang. This is liberation. This is when you switch yourself back into action mode. Empress mode. Liberation can be fast, at times it can feel violent or even funny.

Now you are free.“the path of the empress” will help you along that path to freedom.
(Chapter 2 includes the magical Empress “Elixir that young girls should keep under their pillow”- a mysteriously effective decoction to heal your spiritual heart and treat all forms of abandonment, “possession” and lovesickness)

3. Aura and Scent

While you may be free- there remain your sexual needs to be taken care of. The cravings. Again- do not suppress your feelings. They are like your horses. Learn to master them in a loving way. Embrace your yin side. The mysterious female. The playful one. The sensual one.

Instead of trying to please (which for some women includes dressing up as prostitutes and generally swinging from chandeliers)- let them please you.
Tricky for some (and you may even want to look at your diet!), but fun!
I promise.





(Includes “Tea for the Cool Goddess”- a magical decoction to liberate yourself from all kinds of cravings, neediness and sweaty, fishy body odour. To be complimented with clean fresh food.
And the “Scented Elixir”- A Tang dynasty recipe by Empress Wu’s personal doctor Sun Simiao to enhance your natural feminine fragrance and aura.)

4. The Monastic Years

At some point in your live you may feel everything you aimed for has come to nothing. While this feels like really bad news, it is your call to renewal.
So here is how to find your calm and live your inner truth in times of failure and fear.
(includes “Cinnabar Elixir” for diving into deep waters- a calming and heart opening decoction to live through feelings of intense fear and panic and find the strength to meditate (or sleep)

5. Strategy and Power

You can, of course, beat your head against the wall. You can clench your fists and grind your teeth. It is your free choice. Strategically it does not get you very far.
You can also take it easy, know your goals and keep them alive in times of restriction and PMS!
(Includes “the Bendable Bamboo”- A classical Chinese remedy for woman who are too hard on themselves. Oftentimes the smart alternative to hormone treatments or chemical mood enhancers and soul killers. Use at your own discretion- which may include getting professional advice.)

6. Magic, Love, Self- Realisation

I have been told there are still women out there who are not utterly in love with their menstruation. Come on, girls! Release the witch!

(Empress Elixir: “Cinnabar river”- a magical decoction to warm your belly, get the blood flowing, eliminate pain and release your true inner power during your time of the moon.)

7. The Invisible Woman

Ever felt invisible? Or overwhelmed and overworked? Stop blaming everybody else. Now is the time to nourish and re-create the Empress in You!
This may include taking a long hard look at your diet to find out, what you really want to eat instead of eating what all kinds of people over the last couple of decades have told you to eat.

(Includes a recipe which is said to go back to one of the earliest daoist doctors of China, the famous magician and alchimist Ge Hong: the “Elixir that returns youthfulness”- a decoction that, just like a good mother, warms, satisfies and nourishes your soul while lightening and rejuvenating your body)

8. Leave- Taking and Liberation

Some times, when we feel joyless and empty, when our libido is lost and even our lust for life or when or body does not want to pass on life (infertility), when we dry up and feel like dying like the leaves in autumn-  It may be that at some point we have not been sad enough.

Mourning is an art long lost.
It may be a goodbye forever, a door closing on some hope, the children leaving home or a loved one dying: be easy on your wounded soul.
Do not even try to “pull yourself together”.
Rather, let yourself fall apart.

When it is the time to mourn, do so and after a while, love and lust will come back. Like the change of the seasons-it is the way of nature.

(Includes the Elixir: “Chisel that relieves rigidity”- a deeply mysterious decoction that restores sexual joy, vibrancy and fertility out of deep sadness.
and the Special Elixir: “Tonic for full lips”- the most magical of all recipes- originally designed by the Empresse’s personal adviser, the shaman doctor Sun Simiao, to plump the lips and bring glamour back to the face (which it does) but with the very unexpected side- effect of being a really efficient love potion- do not say you have not been warned!)

9. Change of Power, Change of Life and Second Spring

(Your Empress Elixir- “The deep well is refilled”- a wonderfully soothing and cooling elixir for empresses who tend to heat themselves up and run dry
Your Empress Elixir- “The empress rides the dragon”- a decoction to find inner peace and flexibility when the going gets even tougher and the heat rises even higher.)

10. Wisdom and Completion

Sick and old. Fearful of dying? Fearful of pain? Not if you are walking the path of the  Empress.

Old age it the time to connect with everything and be one with everything.

(Empress Elixir: “White Lotus”- light and dark, fulfill yourself!)